Tools to decorate our home with confidence

Because What we do of our space becomes our home

A personalized home starts with you.

Beautiful Living Room
Transforming a space takes effort and intent. We can train our eyes to identify our tastes, and with that knowledge we can start to implement those concepts into in our homes.


Personalized home

Get Inspired

We will learn some new ways to create rooms that are practical and livable. Our efforts will result in rooms that accommodate our needs and those of our families. We will explore how decoration works as well as the key concepts and rules that govern it.


As with most other skills, we will have many tools at our disposal. I’ll help you identify your style, find inspiration and translate that inspiration into tangible results in your space.

change your space

Even on a limited budget, we can create rooms that work for us and inspire us.

About me

Discover your potential to transform your space

My sister gifted me a decorating book so that I could learn how to decorate with pictures. This reading motivated me to collect and read more decorating books. I pursued my interest in home décor by taking a couple of classes, and the experience convinced me that anyone, with a little effort and time, can learn this skill.

There is endless potential in each one of us to personalize our home, moulding it around our needs and lifestyle. Look for inspiration and try different things to give your space that unique character that’s a reflection of you.

At any budget, we can create a space we love by translating concepts and ideas suitable to the space. Together we will explore those concepts and ideas and learn how to inject our personality into our spaces.

This journey is not about having a perfect room but rather it is meant to equip you with the know-how to design rooms that resonate with you.

In this corner of the web, I share clear and simple ideas on how to create a space that’s both pleasing to the eye and meets our needs.
Judith N.

A house to A home

A room can either work for us or against us. As we evolve, our taste changes. So knowing our style is a good place to start.

Our space should evolve with us. Style is when there’s a balance between the functionality of our spaces while at the same time having the space reflect who we are.

It is not impossible, but it can be frustrating and confusing.

We can learn to create a space that grabs our attention in the best possible way. There are ways to update a space that without even spending a dime.

One we know the purpose of the space, what we’ll primarily use it for, we can then rely on simple decor concepts to transform it.

You don’t need to hire a designer or decorator to help you personalize your space.

Keeping things simple can save us both time and money.

Eliminating clutter, for example, can go a long way in create a tranquil space.


A peaceful home is a space that meets our needs.  We can train our eyes to identify our style and taste in décor.

Prioritizing will be helpful to curb needless spending.

Avoid investing in cheaply-made stuff – pieces of furniture or décor – that does not last. Put careful thought into what you buy and find items you will enjoy for many years to come.


A well-executed hallway with contrasting colours.

Decorate your room on a Budget (with no dime)

Create the mood you want in your space instantly.

Displays with soothing colours This house exudes serenity.

Ways to Create A room that Reflects your Style

Begin with the end in mind. An original room tells the owner’s story unapologetically

A home is what you make of it!

An inspired timeless space does not mean compromising on style.

 It should show who we are what we value, and our taste. let’s learn to create rooms that move, and inspire us.