Tools to decorate our home with confidence

Because What we make of our space becomes our home

A personalized home starts with you.

To decorate with confidence, it will take practical steps. Transforming a space takes effort. We can learn to develop our eyes to identify and translate our taste in our home.


make of a house a personalized home

Get Inspired

We will learn to create rooms that are livable. The created rooms will accommodate us (and our family). We will explore how decoration works, its concepts, and rules.


Just like any other skills, tools are there so we can try them. We will identify our style, find inspirations, translate inspirations' cues in our space.

change your space

Even with a limited budget, we will create rooms that move, and inspire us.

About me

Discover your potential to transform your space

There are potentials in each one of us to personalize our home to meet our lifestyle. Take cues from suggested borrowed inspirations to create a space with a character.

At any budget, we can create a space we love by translating inspirations’ cues in the space. We will learn to inject our personality into our space.

This journey is not about having a perfect room but rather a destination to conceive rooms that resonate with us.

In this corner of the web, I share clear simple ideas on how to create a space that meets our needs.
Judith N.

A house to A home

A room can either work for us or against us. As we evolve, our taste changes. So selecting from styles to create our style is progressive,

Our space should change with us. A style is when we learn to create a balance between us and our space for a room to project who we are, and how we function.

It is not impossible. But it can be frustrating and confusing.

We can learn to create a space that grab our attention, positively. There are ways to update a space that doesn’t require a dime.

By identifying the purpose of the space, the use of decor concepts can help us transform our space.

A personalized space does not always mean hiring a designer or decorator. You can become your own decorator.

Even when we don’t feel like we have time nor the money, we can make it an habit to just try to keep things simple.

Create a tranquil space by eliminating visual clutter.

A peaceful home is a space that meets our needs.  We can train our eyes to incorporate our taste into our space.

Prioritize, and spend less.

Avoid investing on cheaply made stuff that does not last. Find things you will enjoy in years to come.

Decorate your room on a Budget (with no dime)

Create the mood you want in your space instantly.

Ways to Create A room that Reflects your Style

Begin with the end in mind. An original room tells the owner’s story unapologetically

A home is what you make of it!

An inspired timeless space does not mean compromising on style.

 It should show who we are what we value, and our taste. let’s learn to create rooms that move, and inspire us.