4 Fun & Beautiful DIY Winter Wreath

The chill air continues.  Winter season is officially in for us. We are wrapped in cozy throws. There is no whipped cream this time in our hot chocolate. We are savoring marshmallows instead. Beautiful African music playing in the background. Physically, we are in Winter but mentally we are in the tropics. I was looking for some winter craft activities to do with my little girls, and I came across these stylish wreaths. What a great way to add some Winter Curb Appeal to your home.


Marshmallows wreath, this is a cool DIY. Most items for this project are found in the kitchen. Who knew that marshmallows could be so chic. I love every single thing about the look of this piece. From Food Network


Duck Take Wreath, This captured me before I even read its DIY’s instructions. After I discovered the items that were used for this project, I was astonished.  DuckTape was done right, look at those layers, so charming!  From Jones Design Company


Cotton ball for Wreath, it looks so soft and inviting. From Learning Creative Living. 


Q-tips Wreath in the house, the contrast is so appealing! From Taterto Sand Jello



– Judith

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