Look We Love: Layered Area Rugs

I’m overly obsessed with layered rugs. What a great way to define or enhance your Decor. Area rugs creates zones in the space, the bigger the rug the better. However, rugs are very expensive. If the right size is selected in the room, it creates luxury and it can make a room feel larger. Big rugs aren’t always affordable so buy a big inexpensive piece like jute, rattan, or seagrass and layered it with a small expensive but affordable piece. Finish touches in a room with great dimensions by matching or mixing rugs. Keep the color scheme in mind. Area rugs are great way to introduces new colors, textures, patterns and add comfort. I religiously searched for inspirations. Get inpired with these terrific rooms.


The area rug carries the color palette but add in a new texture. From Stacy and Charlie


Hides are just beautiful in most rooms. From Endlessly Inspired Online


The top picture – Introduce a vintage rug in the space with style. This beautiful vintage rug is brought back to life in this space. The colors on the rug complements the pillows’ colors so well. I really love this look.

The bottom picture – the multilayered rug is gorgeouuus…Rugs are so neatly mixed to a perfect color scheme. Beautiful bright hues working together in harmony. So exotic! From  OneKingsLane




This space seems to have wall to wall carpet. The new added zebra piece makes this room feel adventurous and add in a new pattern. It is visually pleasing. Right accessory at the right place. From Home Goods


– Judith

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