3 Steps To A Realistic New Year Resolution

Hello Fancy Lacy Community!!!


Photographer: Holly Schaeffer

The year is almost coming to the end. I have been busy doing this and that. It seems just like yesterday it was January. It is that time of the year where some us venture in creating ” New Years Resolutions”. For the first time, most of this year’s resolution was completed –  Here is how I made it happen.

1. Be realistic

Anything is possible when the mind and the right attitude is put into it. Know yourself and your limitations. Invest in your strengths to keep the motivation going. Try to kill those little bad habits that outshine your strengths. Create a vision. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

2. Set a goal

I came across this quote by Harvey Mackoy that states ” a goal is a dream with a deadline”.  Know what you want to do. Articulate what is,  state how you will do it, and when you will do it. Keep it simple so you don’t lose track, number the steps if you can. Review the steps. See what is working and what is not working. Make some corrections, edit the steps. Make some projections and give yourself some deadline.

3. Measure your goal

Write your goal. Have a checklist. Review your checklist and progress. Assign a number to each resolution.

Hopefully, this inspires you.


–  Judith


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