Pretty Pastel Interiors

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Feeling pastelicious? I feel this way every so often I come across pastels. I can’t get over pastels’ room. In this exciting new world, things are soft and inviting. I love warm vibe it projects. It is official…I am hooked! Pastels look great in any space. It is soft, calming, inviting and elegant. Pastels work so well with neutrals. The rooms feel bright, right, airy and spacious.  See these gorgeous pastel spaces.


Think pink!!! The color pink works so beautifully in this space. I love the stripe curtains in this space. From Interior Holic


Mix pastel with neutral palette, results are classic neutral with a twist. I love the way pastel is introduced in this space. The couch in the space becomes irresistible. Look how this beautiful joyful couch is soft and inviting. From Home My Design.


Truth be told, beautiful shades, smoothing pastels mixed together can be an update in your room. As seen here with sheets and accessories. From House To Home UK

Stay Fancy and come back again!!  Have a great week-end.



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