All About Art: In The Bathroom

Hello Fancy Lacy Community!!!

I am working on some good things for you. I will give you a peek in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!!

Back to the basics on fine arts’ inspirations. Afraid that moisture can ruin beautiful things like photographs? Please don’t use this excuse to ignore your bathroom decoration. Add a splash of color with beautiful art. I beg you not to leave your bathroom blank. Pick a beautiful affordable art piece for your bathroom. Create interest in your Bathroom with art. Yes, I know you will agree that art + bathroom amounts to trouble. But I encourage you to look into buying an affordable – inexpensive beautiful piece just for your bathroom. Any concerns? There are lots of resources out there to help you minimize the risk of damaging your art in the bathroom.

  1. Please consider consulting a printing company
  2. Seal your art from moisture with a spray varnish
  3. Frame the artwork but make sure the art does not touch the glass

Now let’s see some inspirations. Enjoy!


Who would not love to retreat in this bathroom? Make a statement in your bathroom with an art. It brings any space to life.  From HGTV


Blow your favourite candid picture and frame it. I really like the look of this bathroom here. From Interiorholic


Another great piece here, I can’t enough of seeing photographs above the tub. So artistic! From Natalie Merrillyn


Stay Fancy and come back again.





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