All about art: In The Dining Room

Good Day Fancy Lacy Community!

My little girl attends pre-kindergarten full time now. Every morning, she starts her day with a list of questions. She tries the grown-up talk like “ what is the plan for today?” I’m amused by her curiosity. It makes my day. She sure knows how to set a tone for the day. Today, I wanted to show you how you can set a tone in your dining room. A piece of art can do this for your dining space. It can add a touch of luxe and create a big impact in your dining space. Get inspired.


Oversize art in the dining space is a show stopper. As seen in this picture. From Domaine.


If you are not into a large scale piece, consider a gallery wall in your dining space. I’m feeling this eclectic dining space. It is a mix of old and new. From Lonny.


Photographs are also great in dining space. The large-scale photo works very well in dining rooms. From Apartment Therapy.

Stay Fancy and come back again.



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