All About Art: In The Kitchen

A kitchen is no longer a place where only food is cooked, prepared, and served. Lots more things go into the kitchen in our days, it is a gathering place, a place to entertain, and a craft place for kids. Most times when the decoration is at stake, it is important to keep in mind the function and traffic of the space being decorated. The time has come to rethink our kitchen to reflect its new functions. Spice up your kitchen with a beautiful piece of art. It is elegant. An inspiring piece of art will elevate your kitchen. If you have a space for it, why not? If there is no space, it will not hurt to create one. Embrace changes. Check out these terrific inspirations.


Be different. Be unique. Add an unexpected piece in your kitchen. Check out the washout brick walls, so beautiful in this space. Back to the subject, the artwork is placed in the top of the counter. This is a great way to incorporate art into the kitchen. There are other alternatives then inserting a hole in the wall. Unable to trace the source of this picture.


Repeat the color you have in the kitchen with an artwork. From Apartment Therapy


Keep your color scheme in mind to set in the right mood. From BHG


Introduce gallery pieces in the kitchen. I love the look but I dislike that the artwork is placed above the sink. Always keep in mind the functionality of the space, expect lots of water splashes. Another way will seal the art. From Hello Colleenn

Stay Fancy and come back again.



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