Obsession Du Jour: Max Wanger

Hello lovelies!

Have you ever come across an innovative picture that you say to yourself, “who is behind the lenses? ” Well, it has happened to me recently.  I came across photographer Max Wanger through another blog (At Home In Love). His photos are brilliantly unique, especially when he captures people.  He cleverly incorporates a lot of negative space in his striking photographs. The beautiful simplicity of his work caught my eye.

I truly believe that his work will look great on any wall. I’m so hooked with this photographer’s work. Now, imagine my excitement when I found that Design Sponge featured him on their Biz Ladies Profile section. The interview on Design Sponge was so inspiring. I love seeing creative people doing things they love with passion and innovation. I  think you will fall in love with his work too. Take a look.


This picture is simple yet very unique.


This capture is so artistic.


This is beautiful scenery.

Photos: Max Wanger.

Stay Fancy and Come back again.



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