Obsession Du Jour: Ivette Ivens’ Book – Breastfeeding Goddesses

Hello Lovelies,

Let’s the truth be told, public nursing even when you are covered raises some eyebrows. In North America, It is seen as a taboo so it is a hot topic. I didn’t realize this until I had my kids. When I tried to breastfeed them in public, I was so self-conscious because others cringed. As long I can remember, it was never the case in Africa. Africans find this a natural thing to do. No one will give you side eyes if you breastfeed in public – It is really a way of life. No covering there. Here, most people may disagree. Photographer, Ivette Ivens, made my day today. She captured outdoor breastfeeding photos. The pictures are incredible. Some pictures were overdone, but I still enthusiastically support this project to normalize breastfeeding. Let’s break the stigma, there is no shame in nursing. Here are my three favorites.




Photos: Ivette Ivens

Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again



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