Obsession Du Jour: Papaoutai

Hello Lovelies,

Happy fathers’ day in advance! How excited can one be? Today, I wanted to celebrate a creative male artist. Stromae is the artist I’m really loving right now. He is an artist with a personality. You can pin this from his lyrics ( the way he tackles big issues), his dance moves, and to the way he presents himself. He cleverly finds creative ways to address taboo subjects. You know, the unspoken truth. He is from Belgium with a success in Europe. Soon,  I think he will take over America too. All because he is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. He mixes different music influences in his work. Right now in his sounds, you will identify electronic pop, hip-hop and global sounds (Salsa, French folk music and Afro-tinged rhythms). He is the perfect portrait of what an artist should be. He reaches all generations with his music.


Photo from Daily Mail Uk

In the end, he got a great sense of humour. He does not leave one offended, like with his song “Formidable” where he pretends to be a lonely drunk. Papaoutai translates to dad where are you? I chose to feature this because the lyrics could speak to me and you. They make sense. Somehow I could relate. We all at some point in our life have unspoken questions. In this song, the concept he touches is about what is fatherhood? What is being a good father? I tried to find a translation of  the lyrics for you,  and I came across French Crazy. This site did a great job on translating the lyrics. Here are my favourite verses translated:

Tell me where he comes from
Then I would know where I’m going
Mommy says when you look hard enough
You’ll always end up finding it

…Everybody knows how to make babies
But nobody knows how to make dads
Mister “know-it-all” would’ve inherited it, is that it?
Does it come from sucking our thumbs, or what
Tell us where it’s hidden, we must’ve eaten our fingers at least a thousand times

Now enjoy the video.

You can continue to read about Papaoutai English translation here.

Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again.



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