My Prairie Life: Regina Afrofest

Hello lovelies,

Do you sit and reflect on past good times? I’m daydreaming about Regina’s Afrofest right now. It has been on my mind lately. Last year, I remember happy faces surrounded me as I applauded the sounds of the festival. Performers, from West Africa, brought Africa to the Prairies. It was so magical, the little poet in me is awakened when I reflect on it:

You know that moment when you realize that good music speaks to your bones, with a head shake.
I didn’t freak out when I saw the African in you coming to sight, with your own dance moves.
I was amused.
I guess you never know until you feel the rhythm of Africa.

Trust me, I am not judging. I am just telling it as it is. It was fun to look at the crowd. Not only was there music, but the food engaged all of my taste buds. This event really feeds my obsession with culture. It also highlighted the diversity within Africa through live music. You know how much I love good music, good food, and good people.

In less than a month, on July 4th at 1:30PM, Afrofest will take place in Victoria Park again. Preserve the African swag and mark your calendar. This time around, performers will be from East Africa. The sounds of the continent on the Prairies simply excite me, so I started my countdown today. To get excited about this year’s festival, let’s take a look back at what I experienced at Afrofest 2014…


This West African performer fascinated me. The drum sounds made her jumping moves flawless. She was so authentic!image

There she is again, I’m in love.


Speaking of the African in you coming to sight, check the crowd showing off their moves. Come and dance to the sounds of Africa.

Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again.



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