Picking and Styling: Indoor Garden

Hello Lovelies,

Picking and styling your garden really depend on your choice. First, I think you have to determine the function of the plant. Think light, how is the light in your space? The primary answer to this question will determine your selection. Understand your plant, learn and know what it takes to maintain it. The world wide web simplifies your plants’ guide. If you are ambitious, the net is a great source for your quest. My quest led me to two bloggers, they really summed it for me. Take a look.

Fiddle Leaf Tree is the plant I love seeing in space. It is huge but looks good. If you are looking for a good plant presence in the space, this is it. Indirect bright light and once in a while watering will keep this plant alive.


via DesignLoveFest. She lists on her blog plants that you can grow indoors. She gives the readers an 101 guide to houseplants and how it works.


Via my decorative. If Fiddle Leaf Tree is too big for your taste, Succulent is the way to go. These little tiny plants are so cute. They come in different styles and colours.


You made your decision. Now you are looking into styling your houseplants. Emily gives quick tips on how to style your indoor garden. I really find her post helpful. Really, it is indoor styling plants made simple. She even made a video to show you all the good stuff.

Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again.



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