Update On Fancy Lacy: Iryn Tushabe

Hello lovelies,

Yay, September is here! It has been a while. Where should I start? First, I have to admit that the past two months passed me by. The job hunt consumed my life. I’m happy to say that it is over now – the daunting process of sending multiple job applications, writing exams and doing interviews. I got an offer and I’m very content to be starting my new functions on September 8. I will miss being home with the kids (sad face); It has not fully hit me yet but I anticipate my first week of work to be a bit weird. You see it relaxes me to feed my brain with this kind of thought.

On the bright side, let’s talk Fancy Lacy. I want you to meet someone you will appreciate as much as I do. If you are new to this blog, I made some announcement a while back (read about it here). The time has come for you to meet one of the new voices for Fancy Lacy:


Meet Iryn Tushabe, a freelance journalist, filmmaker and passionate gardener. She will write about science, health, wellness,  and social change. Iryn’s writing has appeared in the Leader Post and the Star Phoenix (As well as their respective weekly magazines, QC and Bridges). She’s also a contributing writer for the Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting.

Follow her on twitter @wordsweaver.

Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again!



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