4 Fun Colours For Your Living Room

Hello, lovelies!!

I love the transition to the fall and seeing beautiful colourful leaves. Speaking of colour, in a space, it evokes energy, stability and freshness. When you think of kids playground what comes to mind? For me, I associate kids playground with fun colours.  With spaces, inspirations can come from anything and everything.  In the case you are looking into adding fun bright hues in your living room, It will not hurt to mimic some of the playground beautiful colours. The colours addressed today are red, blue, green, and yellow. Take a look.


Bold Red(Orange) is  great when balanced with a neutral. This room has so much energy. Red is intense. Do you feel your blood pressure going up just by looking at this picture? There is a joy vibe in this room. From Realsimple.


For calm rooms, blue will be great pick. It is tranquil and remind us of the water and sky. I read somewhere that the color blue slows human metabolism, your mind and body will thank you for this selection. From Homedit


Green, the color of nature is soothing. This living room feel fresh and safe. From Bobvila


Bring the outdoor sunshine indoors. Yellow is cheerful and fun. From Adorable Home

Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again!



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