Faux Real Plants: Indoor Gardening Made Simple

Hello Lovelies,

We discussed picking plants and  decor plants with a purpose. Do you stick to what you know? Artificial plants work well in the space. Since I’m not good with plants, I don’t find this tacky.  Plus, it is low maintenance. If you are like me and still working on overcoming your fears on real plants ( because you don’t trust yourself with real plants yet), fake plants works well in the space too. This smart update will make your home comfortable. It brings texture and style. Let’s take  a look.



Have you decided to go faux? Artificial plants make great centrepieces. This is the simplest low maintenance plants at its best. No need to stress yourself with the concept of watering and fertilizing. Occasional dust can be removed easily. Bring color and textures in your home with these beauties. You can mix and match, faux and real work well together too. Via Decorazilla


I love the concept of flower branches. It refreshes a room. As seen in the picture above. Via Lushome

Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again






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