How to properly embrace lemon-honey water

Hello Fancy Lacy Community,

It is Anna here, and I’m giving you my first post.

To begin with, I was truly overwhelmed by a vast array of ideas to write about. Oh, decisions, decisions! I finally came up with an icebreaker – my morning routine. It’s sort of a sneak peak of my personality, as well as a great habit to consider.


How many of you wake up hungry? It is natural to feel this way after a solid block of sleep. And I know just how tempting it is to stuff your face with delicious warm breakfast. But I’m begging you – don’t rush to do that. Instead, put some fresh water into the kettle and turn it on. You see, I’m not advocating anything new. Warm water with lemon and honey is your magic potion. Trust me: your body, face, throat, and stomach will thank you later.

A cup of sweet morning sunshine. Let’s take a closer look at the why’s and how’s.


Do you wash your face to feel refreshed in the morning? It is easy to remember to do this because we can see our face. Our insides, on the other hand, are invisible, but the same principle still applies. We’ve all heard a million times that drinking water is very important. Well, drinking water on an empty stomach is especially good for us because with no food blocking its way, it gives our insides an extra good rinse and prepares our body for the day, including the soon to be served healthy breakfast. Now, why drink plain water if you can add a nutritional bonus? That would be lemon and honey.The lemon-honey water will obviously hydrate you and make you fill somewhat fuller (what, with all that liquid traveling through your body). It will also boost your immune system and jump to your protection if you’re already coming down with a cold. When consumed regularly, lemon-honey water improves digestion and leads to weight loss.

Here’s exactly how it works:


  • Fill the kettle with fresh water and turn it on. Do not let the water boil. Boiling water is considered dead and its heat rids honey of all its nutritional value.
  • Once you notice small bubbles surfacing, turn the kettle off and pour some water into a cup.
  • Squeeze the juice of a half or whole lemon into the cup.
  • Add a spoonful of honey.
  • Stir well.
  • Enjoy! Allow 15-20 minutes before eating.

Lemon honey with water

I’m going to leave you with some food for thought: why not integrate this drink into your morning routine for a week or two just to see what it can do for you? I’ve been drinking 2 giant mugs of lemon-honey water every morning for over a year and I have to admit – I haven’t felt better. I’m excited to share this trick with you and look forward to your feedback!

Thank you for reading,


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