Obsession Du Jour: Houseplants’ Diagrams

Hello Lovelies,

This morning, I was doing my normal routine, sourcing blogs. I came across something that took me back to our series on houseplants (styling a garden, spices, and faux real plants). Well, look what I found… Buzzfeed featured 23 diagrams on houseplants. I selected five diagrams that I really love and I think I need. Well, they relate to our houseplants’ series. Oh, I know you will appreciate these diagrams too. Enjoy!!

If you are still in the search of picking what plant to grow indoors, this chart here is the ‘go bible’ to help your selection. From University of Illinois


Succulent plants are easy to maintain. How to plant them? Check out this diagram. From Stephanie Hammer


Edible plants that you will love. From Cooking Stone and Chadwicks



Repotting Houseplants. From Apartment Geeks


Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again!



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