7 Easy Ways To Love Your Home

Hello lovelies!

Let’s go back to the basics. A few months ago, I wrote about 5 steps to love your home again. It is true that many people struggle to love their home. When you look more into it, you will agree that most home lack style. Style does not mean breaking the banks, it is simply about cleverly incorporating things that you love into your home. Whoa, you have it!  Personally, I love digging through magazines and blogs for inspirations. You will think I’m about to plan my next project, but no, I have a guilty pleasure of looking into beautiful functional spaces. The key to love your space is to incorporate little things you love into your space. Be prepared to embrace your home as never before. It can be anything simple but with a big impact. Need some directions, start with some inspirations. Inspirations go a long way, it helps as a guide. Here are some more suggestions to reinvent your space.

1. Ideas are endless to add style. A texture in space is a great start. Something from fabric to an artwork. From Houzz


2. Color psychology impact how we feel about our home. Choose to live with things that you love. Incorporate your favorite colours with little accent pieces in the space. It can be pillows as seen here. From Sarah Richardson


3. Make a good first impression. Don’t neglect the entryway. Make your space inviting not just for your guests but also for yourself. An organized entryway can go a long way to calm those nerves. From Essenziale


4. It will not hurt to display books. Keeping some of your favourite books handy will help you appreciate your space. Books warm up a space. From onekindesign


5. Bring outdoor indoor. Natural elements like trees, flowers, wood, bricks are great indoors and it can be relaxing. From Freshome


6. Great way to make your place unique is with a scent. Invest in simmer pot or create a scent with essential oils as I mentioned here.

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Thank you for reading. Stay Fancy and come back again.



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  1. I actually do struggle with loving my home. Some days its awesome. Other days I hate it! These are really good tips and that last room is GORGEOUS!!


    1. cutelacy says:

      Thanks! It is so true. I try mixing things around sometimes just to create a new interest in the space.


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