4 Tips To Personalize Your Home

Hello Lovelies,

Does your home express your style?  When it comes to your home, it has to represent you. I love spaces that reflect the owner’s style and personality. I came across this definition by Bing – Personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. A simple reaction to this statement is that personality defines who we are and dictates our choices.  It is complex and unique. It evolves with time. I got you covered, now let’s see how to make our home reflect our personality.


I’m loving this Floral couch, it fits well in this room, Via The Coveteur, home of jewellery Designer, Irene Neuwirth.

  1. Know your personality – What is your personality? This is a great starting point. You can take a test here. According to the site, 16 personalities exist and through questions, they help you identify yours. Mine was Protagonist. It states at one place that I am warm. This characteristic could be used as a starting point to define my space for example.


Eyeing the home of some fashion designers, another obsession of mine. This is the  home of Withney Port, via My Domain

2. Design your space for your lifestyle – Your lifestyle will determine the function of your space. All the people who will be using the space needs to be considered. Keep your children and partner in mind. What is their routine? How will space be used?


I came across this beautiful insane room. The retreat location of Laurence Simoncini, via Ikeadecoration

3. Take your time – To be able to incorporate the things you love, well it will take time. Keep your budget in mind. You may have the vision but not the wallet. You can collect things over time. There is no rush. Meanwhile, your home can reflect your past or where you are now. It could reflect where you are heading. Basically, you can pick one state or combine all the three picks to style your home.


I’m admiring the neutrals and the natural elements in this space, via Elle Decor Espana.

4. Embrace Changes – Changes happen all the time. When you choose to downsize or upsize. It depends on you and your needs. Keep it fresh and fun.


Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again.




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