4 Simple Good Reasons To Re-gift

Happy Monday!

Are you counting down for your holidays? This upcoming holiday season is about giving. When I think about giving sometimes re-gifting come to mind. Most people have mixed feeling when it comes to re-giving or re-gifting. Personally, I love the concept when it is done right. I came across an article on Psychcentral where one statement really summarizes the difference between re-giving and re-gifting. The author states “I like to make a distinction between re-gifting and re-giving. Re-gifting often is an effort to meet an unwanted obligation. Re-giving, on the other hand, is passing along something that suits the receiver and is given with thought and care. Re-gifting is about the gift. Re-giving is about the relationship between the giver and receiver.” I really love this statement; it makes sense to shift from re-gifting to re-giving.


The post that came with this picture really encourages one to explore different ways of giving. From venture village.

Here are four reasons why you should re-give:

1. You know that the gift you received will never be used for millions of years. You know a good friend who will love it. Keep the receiver in mind. Is he or she going to appreciate the gift? If yes, I believe there is no harm in re-giving.

2. Some say a re-gift is being cheap. I don’t agree with this statement. I think it is all about the intentions. Re-giving really makes financial sense when you come short in your gift shopping during Xmas times. An unused gift card can come to the rescue. These days, we have plenty of visa gift cards. What about that new dress or pair of shoes that you purchase but never wear. Re-giving could also be an opportunity.

3. You are uncomfortable re-giving in your network. Please consider donating to charities. It will help you unclutter your space with things you don’t need or you will never use.

4. Who says about being all secretive about it? It is about the receiver and not the gift. So other alternatives like a swap party come to mind. When you accumulate lots of unused things or gift, it is definitely an excuse to have a swap party. In the past, my friends and I used to have this. One of us will host, people bring “treasures” they don’t use anymore. Items can be new or used but in great conditions. You will be amazed how it will turn out. It is really a win and win situation: you give and receive. Items that are not selected go to the charity.


– Judith

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  1. ltsblogstaff says:

    I believe it is good to re-give. I do that all the time. Why would I hide gifts that I will never use? It just doesn’t make sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. cutelacy says:

      I’m so with you on this one. I really don’t see why accumulate things that someone else will treasure and use.


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