Holiday Decoration: Celebrate Christmas in Style

Who can escape from Christmas season? In the shopping center, we are surrounded by holiday decorations. Christmas Carols are in the grocery stores. Santa Clause parades are on the streets. There is no escape! Don’t get me wrong, I love this holiday. But sometimes, it can be overdone. In the Prairies, I have seen homes keeping their Christmas decoration for 365 days. Trust me, this is not an exaggeration. What about indoor’s decorations? Unsure. Guest what? I will never find out. If you are into holiday decoration, you might as well do it in style. There are other alternatives to consider if a green Christmas tree isn’t your thing.  Here are some inspiration for Christmas threes ideas.


1. Neutral color palette with hints of colour. This beautiful home incorporates Christmas decor in a cute way.  It is very simple. From Tiny Home Art


2. This rustic space depicts elegance yet also livable. The frosted Christmas tree is in harmony with the chair, rug, throw and the pillows. The texture and the color repetition creates a sense of harmony in the space. From Green Style Gallery


3. If your room does not have space for a big huge Christmas tree, consider other alternatives like this tiny colourful piece as seen in this picture. From Pinterest


4. Consider reclaim wood for a change. I love everything about this tree. From Apartment Therapy


– Judith

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