Ceiling Play up: Exposed Beams

Hello friends!

I could not resist writing a post on exposed beams. I am a big fan of warm spaces. Speaking of warm spaces, you will think this only goes with homes with fireplaces. Exposed beams are simply pretty. This look can be versatile, charming, rusty, warm and cozy. A ceiling could become a great focal point with this ceiling play up. For an industrial, modern or contemporary look, It makes a great statement. Take a look.


Exposed beams give this space a rustic charm look, see how everything works so nicely together. Space feel airy, collected and charming. From Rilane image

For a light look, consider painting the beams all white. Beams are a great architectural feature in this room. From flightofwhimsy


Exposed beams and grey equate to sophistication in this room. From Decoist image

Warm your space up with exposed wooden ceilings. Oh gosh, this is pretty! From Dwell

Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again.



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