Exotic Collections: Innovative Ways to Add African Ethnic Plate To Any Space

I came across Safari interiors while writing Exotic Collections’ series. Safari Interiors referring to exotic rooms make total sense. The word “Safari” in Swahili means to take a trip or journey. I really believe that ethnic spaces really make one travel. Travel in your home by hanging ethnic dishes, bowls, and plates. African plates are handmade and they look elegant, eclectic, country to some and contemporary to others. The ethnic plates add textures on walls. Here are some inspirations on where to put them in your home. The possibilities are endless.


Play with sizes and mix different shades and tones,  it creates an interest in the space. From Decor4All


This dining space is stunning. You see how the plates and rug work so well together. I really love the look of beautifully arranged ethnic plates. From Decor 4 All.


Create unique look in your space. Look how the plates are incorporated in this bedroom here.


Add color in your space with ethnic plates. From Justbaustralia

Stay Fancy and come back again!




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