Dear Fancy Lacy Community,

On Sunday night I was in my pre-bedtime web-surfing routine when a post from the Super Healthy Kids showed up on my Facebook newsfeed. FIY, I’ve been sourcing my most fabulous recipes from their website, so if you’re a foodie like myself, you have to subscribe to the SHK.


Anyway, back to Sunday night. I’ve been meal planning for a while so I had a breakfast solution for the next few mornings yet somehow I felt uninspired. But, along came the new post from the Super Healthy Kids, and seconds later my kitchen light was on as I prepared to test yet another one of their brilliant meal ideas. This time, I was in for a whole new oatmeal experience.

Yes, I’ve been having oats for breakfast for years, so there’s nothing special or new in that. Recently though I’ve started using steel-cut oats which are less processed hence better for you than the old-fashioned or rolled oats. But even that is not the most spectacular part of this new oatmeal fix. I had always had to make breakfast in the morning – even if I did some prep work the night before. What blew me away in this recipe is that my breakfast was going to cook itself while I was sleeping. Literally! All I had to do was throw and mix the ingredients in the slow cooker, set it on low, head to bed, and wake up to a homey smell of baked apples and cinnamon. Not only did it smell great, it tasted even better. The porridge was creamy yet retained the distinct texture of steel-cut oats. As I sat down to savour my porridge, all I added to it was some nuts and a spoonful of honey. And, whereas, usually, when I cook porridge on the stovetop, 1 cup of oats yields 2 servings, this time I’ll be able to stretch it into 4 servings!


Of course, I’m not going to have oats for every breakfast, but when I do, I will let the slow cooker do the work. I’m super-excited to share this new trick with you, and I suggest you, too, stock up on steel-cut oats and start waking up to a warm, delicious breakfast already made.

All you need to know about making apple cinnamon oatmeal is right here.

And if you’re wondering about alternative – non-oatmeal – slow cooker breakfast ideas, have a look here.

Thank you for reading,


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