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We believe it takes small simple changes in a new direction. Actions we take today lead us to a designated destination. In this corner, we share inspirations.
Take a seat, come along, and enjoy the ride.



You are here. My name is Judith.

A few years ago, I overcame procrastination. Read my story here.  Through inspirations, one’s personal style can be revived.




Iryn Tushabe, a freelance journalist, filmmaker, and passionate gardener. She writes about science, health, wellness, and social change. Iryn’s writing has appeared in the Leader-Post and the Star Phoenix (As well as their respective weekly magazines, QC and Bridges). She’s also a contributing writer for the Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting.

Follow her on twitter @wordsweaver




Meet Anna. Her passion is photography, traveling, baking, and an active/healthy lifestyle. Nothing brings her more joy than spending quality time with her husband Mark. Together, they regularly indulge in sushi rolls and tempura at Wasabi and spicy noodles at Wokbox. Anna loves cats and kittens. She can’t imagine her life without music and gym membership. She has two dreams: running a full marathon and attending a Linkin Park concert. In her lifetime, England was once home (she studied there). Her roots lie in Kazakhstan (born there) and now she is a Canadian prairie girl by choice. Follow her journey on a Fancy Lacy as she documents her passions.



Meet Rita. A self-described travel addict and citizen of the world, She is fascinated by all things global.  She is also a former competitive boxer, fitness enthusiast, and always a Student of Life and She loves to write about these things.  She is the voice behind Passporter’s perspectives.



Erin Davalos, a wanna-be hippy and humanitarian is the founder of Mamas 4 Mamas, a non-profit dedicated to supporting maternal and infant health projects in under-served communities around the world. Her passion is for community development and in particular, the health issues faced by women in rural areas. Erin writes about her journey through parenthood and her attempts at living a green lifestyle.


  1. Hi Judith, thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my Chocolate and Vanilla Puffs recipe.:-) I totally agree with your philosophy of doing more things that I love – I’m aiming to do the same myself!


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