Fancy Lacy

Fancy Lacy: Where present meets the future– We are inspired by life’s lessons. We celebrate creative minds and stories while sharing inspirations and embracing gratitude.


Fancy Lacy does not own all pictures that we feature on the posts unless duly stated. We try to do our due diligence to credit our image source correctly. However, if an image is credited incorrectly, please contact us so that we can correct the mistake and properly credit the image as soon as possible.

If you own an image posted and wish for it to be removed, email fancylacyblog@gmail.com and we will delete it/them ASAP.

Inspirations for our blog content come from myself (Judith) or the team of creative people (Fancy Lacy’s Team). Sometimes, we like to feature people (Makers, Bloggers, and Designers) that we admire. All presented content is our open and honest opinion.

You can use the image created by our contributors. For images we don’t own, we will ask you to go back to the original source and familiarize yourself with their terms and policies.


Our posts may contain links to other websites to give you more details and specifics. Please note that we do not control contents that are outsourced – We do not provide those links for endorsements.


Feel free to agree or disagree with us, tell us your thoughts in a constructive way. We beg you to be considerate. Fancy Lacy reserves the right to manage comments and delete any comments that are abusive, profane, rude, inappropriate or offensive without notice.


The opinions expressed by Fancy Lacy Team are theirs. It is true and honest depending on their culture, background, life experience, and discoveries. It would be distinctly wise to use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog. Fancy Lacy and its sponsors will not be held reliable if you ever happen to suffer a loss/inconvenience/damage because of/while making use of the content provided in this blog.


For giveaways, we will not disclose or sell collected personal information to third-parties.


Sometimes, We may feature a sponsored post. We will tell you that the post is sponsored and give you an open and honest opinion.


Please include photos and links. Fancy Lacy will only work with sponsors that align with our blog standards and aesthetics. We are unable to consider sponsors that have no fit to the blog or our readers.  As soon as we can, we will reply If we are interested. Contact us at fancylacyblog@gmail.com

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