Elevate Your Style With A Dose of Red Hot Hue

Happy Monday!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was better than expected, I received a bouquet of red roses, a beautiful card, and a great brunch. Now you know how much I appreciate small simple kind gestures. Valentine’s Day was simply filled with a warm vibe but the prairie’s weather had plans of its own; a little small storm. Snow covered the streets, the wind forced the leafless trees to dance. Good news is that the storm didn’t stop us to go eat out. The red roses I received inspired me to put together these red hue spaces once more again. Be inspired!

image image

Colorful accent pieces with neutrals work so well in any space. Cleverly add strong hue for a strong statement as seen here. From Sarah Richardson.


Red represents passion. In the bedroom, it can be too much but when incorporated as an accent, it works so well. From Digsdigs


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All About Art: In the Bedroom

Rest your head in style while sleeping. I believe that a bedroom should be your happy place. Most people prefer it quiet. Who says you can’t relax and sleep in style? Your bedroom should reflect your style and personality. Select the right art, place it on the right spot, and it can add style. Art is unique and personal. Consider embellishing your bedroom with simple arrangements. Get inspired by these gorgeous rooms.


Go for decorative art, avoid huge electronic appliances. Introduce a new color in your bedroom with an art. I love this look. It is calm, inviting, and chic. From House To Home.


Pretty neutral palette done right. Beautiful gallery wall with white frames, cute small table lamps, this place is quiet, relaxing and stylish. From Home Styling 101


This is a cheerful bedroom. Bright color on the wall, the art is full of beautiful bright hues. The same theme is carried on the pillows. This looks like a happy fun place. From Digs Digs

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– Judith