Dogan Stool

Exotic Collections: 3 Unique African Stool for Any Stylish Space

I don’t know about you. Sometimes, I have the impression that when the word “exotic” is mentioned – The mind thinks of the brightest colors out there like red, bright yellow, “jungle green” unsure even if this color exists but you get the point I’m trying to make. The mind will not stop there, it will travel to identify animals like zebra, leopard, lion, and monkies. I realized that the mind fails to bring to my attention African stools. These items captivate me. It is only when I see pictures of these items that I’m reminded that they are unique creations of the tropics. Be inspired by these beautiful African handcrafted stools.


Each African tribes have their own way of carving their stools. The three stools, in the center, are known under the name of Tonga, Igbo or Dogan. You can notice that they are slightly different in details depending on the tribe that make them. I couldn’t help myself to mention theĀ framed picture in the background, so unique and artistic! From Pinterest.


Ashanti stools from Ghana are known as royalty stools. Most times, Ashanti stools have the same shape but come with different details or symbols. I think they make beautiful accent pieces for any room. From John Jacob Interiors.


Senufo stools from Ivory Coast, they are simple and sculptural in shape. I love the textures of the bed sheets, the neutral palette, the great wood headboard, the curtains, and the Senufo stools, every piece is working so well with one another in this space. From Better Homes & Gardens.

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– Judith