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Exotic Collections: African Masks

Happy Monday Fancy Lacy Community!!!

I hope your week-end was relaxing. Let’s continue with our series. The fourth collection I want to share with you today is African masks. Personally,  I have a love and hate obsession with African masks. Some masks,  I love. Others,  I love to hate. African masks are conversation pieces in a room. I love masks with no or little facial expressions. Get Inspired.


African masks are authentic. The traditional African ornaments add a touch of Africa in a home. Find beautiful vintage pieces that speak to you and add it to your space. From Chic Posh.


You can balance space with two long masks. This neutral room is very simple but beautiful. It is harmonious to have a pattern or color palette repetition. Here we can see black/white pattern repetition. From Habitually Chic.


A style is the ability to mix rare or unusual pieces to make them work in the space. Unusual masks’ collection can be stylish as seen in the above picture. From Mechant Design.

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Exotic Collections: 3 Ways to Use African Baskets

I hope you enjoyed the Mud Cloth’s inspiration. The second Exotic Collections in my list is – African baskets. African baskets are not just basketry, it is an Art. In North America/Europe, It came around as interiors’ trend. In Africa, It has been around the continent for centuries. Most African baskets are carefully hand made with beautiful colorful patterns. It requires a high level of craftsmanship to bring in some stunning patterns. Africans consider their baskets as commodities and not a trend. For this reason, it is mostly used to carry food from the open market/crops from the field and people like to store some of their valuable items in these baskets. In the west, we see these baskets more in home Decor. Be inspired by these pictures.


How beautiful is this basket? I love everything about this Zulu basket. I can see this basket being used to store throws, extra pillows, and even kids’ toys. From Zanzibar.


The beautiful yellow Senegalese basket has its place in this home office. It appears as if it is used as a trash basket. I am ashamed that I’m unable to remember the source of this picture.


Don’t neglect the plants in your space. Style them with an African Basket, it is stylish. I believe this picture is from West Elm. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


– Judith