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Look Book: Asiyami Gold

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Leaves are finally falling. Temperatures are dropping more, a chill air creeps in. Now, all I can think about is how to keep myself warm. This is the right season to start wearing cozy warm sweaters, then introduce turtlenecks and finally some Layering.

African prints will not dull on me. It can now be a pecific items in the closet, trench coats or jackets so I could enjoy this print all year long. I was looking for styles for a coat and  I came across African Prints’ coats by Asiyami Gold brand – 2014 Fall/Winter collection. This discovery was not just enough for me, but seeing how she mixes coats with classic fall/winter outfits gave me some great ideas. I’m so excited, my heart is almost racing. These coats can really brighten up ones’ Fall/Winter wardrobe. I am really digging it right now. Colours selected are rich,  fun, and on point. Take a look.

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Photos: Asiyami Gold

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Five reasons to fall in love with fall

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I simply cannot get enough of fall. I’ve always wondered if its because I was born and raised in a tropical country where the leaves were always green and the sun never seemed to ever want to go down. It’s a magical time of transitions. Leaves turning into all kinds of enchanting oranges and yellows and reds, the summer heat getting drowned out by the autumn breeze, chilling it just enough so you can wear a sweater and shorts, and of course there’s an abundance of pumpkins!

But if you still aren’t feeling the season, here are a few reasons to inspire you to fall in love with fall.


Fall for the hues: There’s nothing quite like walking (or driving) down a street canopied with tree branches shedding all kind of colour leaves.


Fall into fitness: The cool days of fall are a jogger’s paradise. You can run for miles without feeling like you are about to keel over and die (That happens to me in summer). It helps build up your endurance and it’s a great way to gradually acclimatize your self to running when the mercury finally dips below zero in winter. If you want to get into running, fall is the perfect time to start.


Fall Fashion: From cozy cowl sweaters to knee-length boots, fall is the best time of year fashion-wise. Indulge your inner fashionista.



Fall for comfort food: The great thing about fall is that you don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to whip up delicious tasting food that fills your home with delightful smells. Also, hot pumpkin spiced latte!


Bring fall indoors: While summer is great for drawing us all to the great outdoors, the crisp, cool autumn air certainly brings us back in. Bringing the autumn beauty indoors with us can be an exciting experiment in interior decorating. Try some fall accents in your living room.

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