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Fancy Lacy Update/New Contributor : Meet Anna Dyachenko

Hello lovelies,

Happy Thanksgiving, to all my Canadian’s readers. Well, it has been a while. Crazy good things are happening in my life right now. I’m back to working full time. I now realized that I took few things for granted: sleeping in, being off work for two years,  and blogging. You have no idea how much I miss these things. For the most part, Fancy Lacy (blogging and you reading me here) is what I long for more and miss the most.

These days, even though I am an early bird now, 24 hours in a day does not cut it for me. After work, catching the bus, driving around the city, studying, keeping up with the kids, quality family time, I’m  exhausted. Seriously,  I really need help with Fancy Lacy. I can’t keep it up. I kind knew this was coming.  Remember few weeks ago,  I made an announcement, here. Later, you met Iryn (she sure made me fall in love with fall again). Now, I’m so excited to introduce you to another voice. Meet Anna, She is impeccable.


Her passion is photography, traveling, baking and an active/healthy lifestyle. Nothing brings her more joy than spending quality time with her husband Mark. Together, they regularly indulge in sushi rolls and tempura at Wasabi and spicy noodles at Wokbox. Anna loves cats and kittens. She can’t imagine her life without music and gym membership. She has two dreams: running a full marathon and attending a Linkin Park concert. In her lifetime, England was once home (she studied there). Her roots lie in Kazakhstan (born there) and now she is a Canadian prairie girl by choice. Follow her journey on a Fancy Lacy as she documents her passions.

Thank you for reading,  stay Fancy and come back again.