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Quick Tips on Gallery Wall behind the Sofa

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To follow up on gallery wall around the TV, I think a gallery wall above the sofa looks good.  This for sure will not be a home decor faux pas. Let’s imagine the worst, different size of framed pictures and art scatter all over the place or a small art on the big wall behind the couch is just awkward. Ideally, it makes total sense to group all your collection in one place in the house. It is a perfect statement for any wall. Persuaded or not, check these gorgeous gallery walls.


An eclectic gallery wall, Oh joy’s studio gorgeous colourful living room is styled by Emily Henderson, Samantha Gluck and photographed by Zeke Ruela

via. Emily Henderson


For a classic gallery, work with a colour palette for a change. Black, grey and white work so harmoniously in this space.

via HGTV.

You hear it from the experts. To have a feel-good space, consider these steps if you want to hang an art collection:

  • Select to hang the pictures and artwork you love
  • Add different size of frames for an interesting look
  • Have one or two big frame/art for a big impact
  • Measure and cut your frames’ size on brown paper
  • Next, try different layout on the floor until you get the best layout
  • Don’t forget to leave height inches between the top of the sofa and the base of the frame
  • Finally, before you insert holes on the wall, mimic the selected layouts on your wall

Experiment. Be creative. Learn the rules and brake them, don’t leave height inches between the top of the sofa and the base of the frame. I’m loving this space too.

Via Angella Eisman Design

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