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Obsession Du Jour: 5 Implausible Concrete Floors

Hello lovelies,

When I was young, I was surrounded by concrete floors. It was everywhere and anywhere. In the tropics, most people preferred concrete floors. Almost every house had a concrete floor. Back then, I did not appreciate the look of it. I think because the finishes I saw did not appeal to me. Until recently, I came across concrete floors again in pictures. Let me tell you that I drooled over the beautiful floors.¬†Concrete floors never look so good. ¬†See it for yourself. I’m drooling over these five via Domino :

All white floor and wooden dinning chairs.

Dark concrete done well.

How lovely to see this in the kitchen, so functional.

I really love the look of this room, so serene.

Grey concrete finish with warm wood, so inviting.

Thank your for reading,