2015 was exciting, now let’s try to make 2016 Fabulous

Hello lovelies,

What are you grateful for today?

Each year, I sit and set new life goals. Sometimes, I go even further to implement lifestyle’s changes. This year, I suggest for you to add or try something completely different to what you usually set as goals to appreciate your life. We are so busy trying to bring changes into our life that we forget to savor life. The way I look at it, sometimes, life can be unfair.  So, I make an effort to accept this when a situation arises that I can’t pin down an explainable concept for it.

First, start and end your day with a firm positive thought. You see, instead of just pouring all the 100% energy on trying to establish new things in life, I recommend you take also time to invest in gratitude. Gratitude has the power to change the views you have about life. It can be a little bit hard when you start. Trust me, after a couple of tries, the brain will get trained to accept this routine. Putting all the energy you have on future concerns, it will suck life out of you. Instead, focus on appreciating things that you are grateful for. It does not have to be huge, it can be as  small and simple as loving a beautiful weather.

Happily then, stop and learn. I know there are some unpredictable negative life events, however, try to find a positive thought to get you by despite the negative happenings. I truly believe there is power in positive thoughts and energy. When you only concentrate on what you don’t have , what could of been and feed on your fears, then you will never have enough. Program the mind to let go things beyond your control.

It is never too late to try something new for your well being. As the says go: ” the happiest people don’t have everything. They make the best of what they have.” Here are some other quotes to help you embrace this concept:

image   image image

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Massage fever 

Hello Fancy Lacy community,

There’s a first time for everything!

Earlier this week I went for a deep tissue Swedish massage. It was a Christmas present from my husband, who knows how much I love massages. They are my poison, those massages. Every once in a while I like to treat myself to a hot stone massage, especially when I’ve been subjecting my body to a lot of work, like training for a half marathon and such.

I  really enjoyed my Swedish massage. I felt the pressure was just fine so whenever the therapist asked me if it hurt, I said ‘only a little bit but its fine!”

Well, after the session when the therapist left so I could put my clothes back on, I suddenly felt nauseous and light headed, like I was about to pass out. The last time I felt like that was in 2013 after my first ever Queen City half marathon when I thought I was going to die.

I’m used to feeling great after a massage, not nauseous and chilly and light headed. It was awful! The therapist offered me water and I felt a little bit better after drinking it but the awful feeling lasted into the day. It wasn’t until much later in the evening that I felt I could risk eating something without the possibility of hurling.

I’d read about how deep tissue massages can release toxins and damaged blood cells into the blood stream, which can poison the body but I knew this theory to be deeply flawed. I don’t think that’s what happened.

And everyone who runs has probably been warned by their doctors about rhapdbomyiolisis, a condition in which extreme exertion can cause severe muscle tissue breakdown enough to damage the kidneys and lead to symptoms way more severe than what I experienced after my massage. But this condition is so rare that its nearly impossible to happened to marathoners. From what I’ve read in an old kinesiology textbook, it’s more likely to be caused by traumatic accidents, extensive burns to the body and electrical shock.

So I still don’t know what happened to me during that massage. Right now I’m leaning toward the the idea that the nausea and malaise were brought on by the fact that I skimped out on breakfast to rush my daughter to school because we woke up late. I’d had a coffee at some point but when I had the massage at 1pm, I hadn’t had a chance have lunch either. My uneducated guess is that somehow my body hit the wall due to dwindling glucose levels.

Has anybody out there ever had the same thing happen to them after a massage? Care to share your experience?

’till next time!


Look Book: Asiyami Gold

Hello lovelies,

Leaves are finally falling. Temperatures are dropping more, a chill air creeps in. Now, all I can think about is how to keep myself warm. This is the right season to start wearing cozy warm sweaters, then introduce turtlenecks and finally some Layering.

African prints will not dull on me. It can now be a pecific items in the closet, trench coats or jackets so I could enjoy this print all year long. I was looking for styles for a coat and  I came across African Prints’ coats by Asiyami Gold brand – 2014 Fall/Winter collection. This discovery was not just enough for me, but seeing how she mixes coats with classic fall/winter outfits gave me some great ideas. I’m so excited, my heart is almost racing. These coats can really brighten up ones’ Fall/Winter wardrobe. I am really digging it right now. Colours selected are rich,  fun, and on point. Take a look.

image image image

Photos: Asiyami Gold

Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again.



Fancy Lacy Update/New Contributor : Meet Anna Dyachenko

Hello lovelies,

Happy Thanksgiving, to all my Canadian’s readers. Well, it has been a while. Crazy good things are happening in my life right now. I’m back to working full time. I now realized that I took few things for granted: sleeping in, being off work for two years,  and blogging. You have no idea how much I miss these things. For the most part, Fancy Lacy (blogging and you reading me here) is what I long for more and miss the most.

These days, even though I am an early bird now, 24 hours in a day does not cut it for me. After work, catching the bus, driving around the city, studying, keeping up with the kids, quality family time, I’m  exhausted. Seriously,  I really need help with Fancy Lacy. I can’t keep it up. I kind knew this was coming.  Remember few weeks ago,  I made an announcement, here. Later, you met Iryn (she sure made me fall in love with fall again). Now, I’m so excited to introduce you to another voice. Meet Anna, She is impeccable.


Her passion is photography, traveling, baking and an active/healthy lifestyle. Nothing brings her more joy than spending quality time with her husband Mark. Together, they regularly indulge in sushi rolls and tempura at Wasabi and spicy noodles at Wokbox. Anna loves cats and kittens. She can’t imagine her life without music and gym membership. She has two dreams: running a full marathon and attending a Linkin Park concert. In her lifetime, England was once home (she studied there). Her roots lie in Kazakhstan (born there) and now she is a Canadian prairie girl by choice. Follow her journey on a Fancy Lacy as she documents her passions.

Thank you for reading,  stay Fancy and come back again.



3 Steps To A Realistic New Year Resolution

Hello Fancy Lacy Community!!!


Photographer: Holly Schaeffer

The year is almost coming to the end. I have been busy doing this and that. It seems just like yesterday it was January. It is that time of the year where some us venture in creating ” New Years Resolutions”. For the first time, most of this year’s resolution was completed –  Here is how I made it happen.

1. Be realistic

Anything is possible when the mind and the right attitude is put into it. Know yourself and your limitations. Invest in your strengths to keep the motivation going. Try to kill those little bad habits that outshine your strengths. Create a vision. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

2. Set a goal

I came across this quote by Harvey Mackoy that states ” a goal is a dream with a deadline”.  Know what you want to do. Articulate what is,  state how you will do it, and when you will do it. Keep it simple so you don’t lose track, number the steps if you can. Review the steps. See what is working and what is not working. Make some corrections, edit the steps. Make some projections and give yourself some deadline.

3. Measure your goal

Write your goal. Have a checklist. Review your checklist and progress. Assign a number to each resolution.

Hopefully, this inspires you.


–  Judith