6 Steps To Control Winter Rage

So simple, keep busy.  This makes me forget that Winter is here. The temperatures in Prairies’ Winter could give you “rage”. There is no escape so I forget the rage and embrace the weather. Read our previous post about things we look forward to in Winter times.

When it is nice, take advantage of the moment by taking a walk or a run outside. You will feel refreshed. Stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Take some pictures, make a snowman, and the snow angel. Since temperatures fluctuate easily around here, some people choose to take warm vacations.  I, on the other hand, travel in my mind with great documentaries, movies, and books.


Now let’s recap:

1. Keep busy – Declutter, refresh your space and read a good book. Photo Source


2.  Embrace the weather – try to relax. Take two minutes and tell your “facial muscle”- relax

Photo by Madisin Bradley

M Photo by Madisin Bradley

3.  Go out when it is nice, enjoy the scenery.


What a lovely picture! Enjoy the scenery and forget about the rest. From Deco Collin

4. Take pictures, build a snowman or snow angel

5. Watch a good comedy or documentary. One of my favorite movie of all the times is ” Life is beautiful.” I go from great laughs to tears. This makes me forget about everything that is happening outside. Photo Rogerebert


6. Take a good nap. Sleep Foundation states ” Napping has psychological benefits. A nap can be a pleasant luxury, a mini-vacation. It can provide an easy way to get some relaxation and rejuvenation.”



– Judith

5 Reasons to Get Excited for Winter

Prairies’ Winter is HERE, we get high and dry wind! We will miss seeing trees with their vibrant hues. The new season is at hand. Today as we drove this morning,  sidewalks and roads were covered with snow. Roads were very slippery but we love seeing snow.  On that note, we know Xmas is nearby.  Here is what we are excited about :


1. Hot Drinks – We love Tea or Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

My mouth is watering right now. What is the best way to end the day? Have a nice hot drink before bed. Image Source

Cozy Throws

Cozy Throws

2. Curling up in beautiful cozy throws

Cold is an excuse for you to buy beautiful throws to add to your living space. Invest in throws and bring them out when the temperature drops. Image Source



3. Seating by the Fire Place

We love fireplaces. They are a great focal point in a home. The chosen palette in this space has contrast.Image Source



4. Reading favorite books

Bookcases add functionality. Surround yourself with the things you love.Image Source



5. Winter comfort food – Steaming hot homemade Soups

Try new things, new recipes are at hand. Image Source

What do you look forward to in Winter times?